Lanec Services


LANEC Services has a well established reputation in the electrical field. With experience in construction and service we provide qualified licensed electricians and the ability to provide 24/7 service. Core areas of expertise are listed below.


As one of Victoria’s leading comms service providers, we at LANEC pride ourselves on connecting people. Our technicians have years of installation experience with copper and optical fibre solutions and are capable of an excess of related services, listed below.


Asset protection has become one of our most sought-after services. We at LANEC are proud to have provided security measures for a great deal of diverse businesses. Our highly skilled technicians install and maintain the following solutions, listed below.

Safe Hands

Over the years LANEC has developed a great rapport with a multitude of companies across the world for Data Centre management. Our team is capable of all manner of personilised services, including these, listed below.

Electrical Services

  • Construction

    Quality service, from the ground up. We at LANEC are no strangers to big jobs; whether it’s one or one hundred floors, our technicians will work tirelessly to meet your expectations. From the first day to the last we handle every single cable on every single floor, to ensure that your project doesn’t stop until it’s done.
  • Fit-Out

    We’ll do more than light up the room. Our team is capable of everything from the installation of new mains to specialty light designs. At LANEC, we work reliably and cooperatively with other involved trades to ensure that your fit-out works to your timeline.
  • Service

    Growing pains are a part of every expanding business, we’re here to help yours adapt to its space. Whenever you need, our team is ready to make your space work for you. Whether it be a single power point or a major switchboard upgrade, we’ve got you covered.
  • Maintenance

    Our technicians are always on hand. At LANEC, we offer scheduled maintenance contracts. But should your business need immediate assistance, our technicians are able to deliver 24/7 priority servicing, so you’re never left in the dark.
  • Supply Links

    Over the years, we at LANEC Services have nurtured partnerships with numerous suppliers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’ll source that for you. Today, we have the connections and the skill set to streamline our services and bring your project from blueprint to completion.

Communication Services

  • Installation

    Unique spaces require unique solutions. Our comms technicians are here to help your project from the drawing board to the last outlet. We work closely alongside you and other required trades to optimise your space and lay the foundations for enduring connectivity.
  • Data Centre

    Our technicians have undertaken some of the largest data centre installations in Victoria, including major financial institutions, government departments and co-location hosting facilities. We use unique cable management technology and designs to ensure that your data centre is organised ergonomically and stands the test of time. For more information on Data Centre services that we offer, please refer to our 'Safe Hands' services.
  • DAS

    When it’s coverage you need, we’ve got the solution. With years of IBC experience at our backs, our team can offer a full turnkey DAS service. Whether it’s passive or active you need, from theory to installation, we’ll make sure you stay connected.
  • Rollout

    Sometimes one just isn’t enough. We’re here for when you need reliable repeat service at multiple locations, whether it be single data point or equipment refresh upgrades. With a team of 70+ technicians, we can be wherever you need us, whenever you need us.
  • Testing and Warranty

    With a full array of the latest testing equipment and rigorous training, our technicians are armed to complete projects with absolute certainty of quality. Thanks to our proficient team and this apparatus, we are able to provide a guarantee of excellence which is backed by the 20-year warranty periods of the cabling manufacturers.
  • Clean-Up

    For when your comms space needs revitalising, our clean-up crew is happy to help. LANEC Services has a reputation among the industry for innovative retroactive organisation. We take pride in creating pragmatic cabling solutions so that your business doesn’t get tied up.

Security Services

  • Security and Access Control

    We understand the importance of fortification. For wherever you don’t want people to see or be, we have a tailormade security solution. Whether you need intrusion detection, electronic access control, biometric measures or anything in between, we’ll make sure your business remains airtight.
  • CCTV

    You don’t need it, until you do. Our advanced CCTV systems offer dependable surveillance protection for when you need it most. Using advanced analytics software, each HD camera can recognise illicit behaviour such as violence, vandalism, intrusion or even OHS negligence. Eyes to protect what you have, so you can keep looking ahead.
  • Intercom

    All digital, our intercom system is more than just a walkie-talkie. Utilising high-level interfacing, our technicians are capable of installing top-tier equipment. With A.V and colour video link, door releasing capabilities and app connectivity; you’ll be able to see, hear and grant access from anywhere at any time.
  • Servicing and Maintenance

    As with all of our services, LANEC offers 24/7 assistance for security systems update and upkeep. If you need software updates or even just a CCTV lens clean, we’ll be there when you need us.

Safe Hands

  • Remote Support

    Offsite IT assistance has become an integral part of modern infrastructure. But for when your business needs boots on the ground, we'll be there to make sure your data centre is physically and reliably connected.
  • Design and Drawing

    Our Safe Hands technicians offer a design service like no other. We’ll draw up personalised, colour-coordinated rack designs, detailed right down to the label numbers. These designs along with our technical consultation can ensure that there’s no miscommunication with what you’re receiving.
  • Rack and Stack

    Can’t find the space? As part of our Safe Hands service; we can accept goods at our over 1000 square metre factory, deliver them securely to your site and then carry out the installation, so you’ve got room to breathe.
  • Patching

    Rain or shine, our technicians are always on hand to replace or fix any data centre cabling issues that may occur. Also, if we’ve fitted your data centre, our unique cable management technology makes our patching service just a momentary visit.
  • Audits and Scoping

    For when you simply need to take stock, we can trace and assess your existing setup. Our technicians will provide a map of your data centre and help design a personalised, ergonomic solution.
  • Migration and End of Life

    In order for your business to evolve, your systems have to. When the time comes to upgrade your data centre, we’ll be there. Whether you need a complete hardware overhaul or warranty refresh support, our technicians will ensure your system remains contemporary.