Lanec Services
Clients: Supreme Court of Victoria
Location: 210 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Duration: 12 months
Architects: Consultants - ETC
Value: Over $2M

The security renewal project is a full upgrade of Supreme Court of Victoria’s current outdated security and CCTV system along with the introduction and implementation of a full end to end Converged Services Network.

This new Cisco based network will be the backbone for all related security services, covering off access control, intrusion, CCTv, paging and intercommunication. The design and architecture of this network is crucial in aiding the successful management of the critically important SMS & VMS Servers which drive the security of the complex. In collaboration with others, Lanec’s portion of the works included the full design, supply and implementation of this CSN, along all related data, security and intercommunications cabling.

Lanec supplied, installed and implemented all CCTV related works and relative commissioning of services. The upgraded security management system is the Inner Range Integriti SMS system and the new digital video management system is based on Milestone VMS software & Axis CCTV cameras.