Lanec Services
Clients: Lend Lease
Location: Monash University - Building 69, 22 Alliance Lane, Clayton Campus
Duration: 6 months
Value: Over $170,000

The Monash University Smart Manufacturing Hub (SMH) project involves the gradual redevelopment of the Clayton Campus Building 60 and 69 over a 2-4 year timeframe. SMH includes a series of projects that respond to unique opportunities to revolutionise engineering in Victoria, build contemporary spaces for smart manufacturing investigations and enhance an ecosystem of convergence between industry, workforce and the leaders of the future. SMH will provide space for industry to collocate on campus, for interactions with undergraduate and postgraduate students and for entrepreneurial activities. It will act as an industry portal for accessing talent and capabilities.

Lanec has been awarded the security upgrade works for Stage 2 Co-Lab, which includes the design, supply and commissioning of the access control and cctv systems for this area. The project comprises of 50+ access doors and 12 x cctv cameras.

Stage 2 CoLab incorporates the Ground and level one of building 69 which will undergo an extensive refurbishment. Level 2 is excluded from scope although some connections will need to be routed through level 2 to the roof. Wet/dry labs and workspace environments have been incorporated into the design of the CoLab space. These include provisions for fume cupboards, general exhaust and extraction. Ground floor will also comprise of new entrances from Exhibition Walk and Alliance Lane.

The project is expected to run for about 6mths with a completion date of June 2023.